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New Chat Rooms; Chatimity

There are many new chat rooms that have been created over the years. Software developers have taken advantage of the digital era and they have come up with different types of chat rooms. Chatimity chat room is one among new chat rooms that have attracted a remarkable number of users in a short period of time. 

Chat rooms such as Chatimity were created with a purpose to enable its users to meet and make new friends from all over the world. People meet in a chat room and share their ideas, discuss favorite topics, socialize and interact. Some new chat rooms come with filter options that enable people with similar interests to interact. For instance, there could be a specific chat room for a specific topic. Users are also able to interact with people of a certain group when the application has categories listed such as region, gender, age, language et cetera. 

New chat rooms have also provided a platform where friends and family can keep in touch frequently and affordably. This has enabled friends separated by distance to catch up and really enjoy the company of each other. Many friendship bonds have been severed because of lack of communication and distance, however, chat rooms have been instrumental in saving many relationships. 

At the mention of chat rooms like Chatimity, it is hard to not  mention one great feature that sets this chat room apart. Users are encouraged to be well behaved and they even earn 'nice points’ that enables them to make more friends because they have been rated as nice people. This is a great incentive because it limits the number of rude people who prowl chat rooms make lewd comments. Users who are reported get penalized and may be discontinued from using the chat rooms. This has by far been the best feature of any chat room because it ensures decency among chat room users.

 Lastly, great navigational features in some chat rooms like privacy controls, profile creation, ability to add new friends, private/group chat, file sharing, emoticons et cetera have all been designed to heighten the chat experience. Needless to say, they are  great additions to new chat rooms.